Office Party!

I recently redesigned my home office to coincide with all the changes my brand has been going through. I wanted to create a space that was simple, but cozy. I used my primary brand colors blush and gold, with a base of grey tones to create that "warm and clean" feel. I made it a point not to have any photographs in my office. The reason for the lack of photos is because I find myself less inspired when I am constantly comparing. I like to keep my mind fresh, so that when I see photos or when I hold the camera, it feels refreshing and new.  In fact there are no photos at all in my office except for one of a sweet orphan girl I met in Haiti who stole my heart.  Sometimes when I am stressed out and feeling low, I catch a glimpse of her joyful face and everything is put back into perspective for me.

In place of photos, I picked up a paint brush and made some abstract art on canvas (okay, confession: I just painted color swatches on paper and called it "abstract") and framed them on my wall. Despite lack of artistic talent or knowledge, for whatever reason the finished product totally works for me. Clean, warm, soft, inspiring but not distracting. Perfect.

All that to say, I am super happy with the outcome - my office is now brand consistent and has become a lovely and calm space for me to be productive and inspired.  So come and take a peek into my world, and see where I spend many of my days. : )

and sometimes I have visitors! My friends (and Fitz) always add a little fun to a work day. : )