Why the First Look is My Favorite Look

Many of my brides have asked me for my professional opinion on the “first look”, so I figured I’d put my thoughts on the blog for any others who are on the fence about this particular wedding decision.

So first, some of you may be asking yourselves, “wait, what is a first look?” Well let me answer that for you! The first look is when the bride and groom choose to see each other before the ceremony. It is a sweet, private, and intimate time between just the bride and the groom.

It looks like this:

So why do people choose this, you ask? Here are my top 3 reasons to most definitely add the first look into your wedding day itinerary.

  1. The moment.  Grooms often tell me that they are worried about seeing the bride before the ceremony because they don’t want anything to take away from that special moment when they see their lady walk down the aisle towards them. I have news for you fellas: nothing on earth can take away from that moment. Literally, I’ve seen it a hundred times and every single time that aisle moment is breathtaking and unique to itself. And then I have even better news: When you choose to do the first look you are choosing to have another special breathtaking moment with your girl. It doesn’t take away from the aisle-moment, it gives you another quiet intimate moment with each other that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. And one thing I have noticed about wedding days is the shocking lack of time the couple gets to actually spend together. Believe me, you will only be thankful that you chose into more time with your sweetheart.
  1. The itinerary. Most of you know the schedule on the wedding day can be a little bit chaotic. There are just so many things that need to be done in such a short amount of time. Get ready. Get married. Party. Take pictures. Say HI to everyone. It maybe doesn’t sound like a lot now, but believe me, it’s a lot for one day. That’s why I like to suggest the first look for my couples. The first look is so amazing for your day-of schedule, and here’s why: If you see eachother before the ceremony, then you can take your bride and groom photos and your wedding party photos before the ceremony too! This means that you’ll have way way WAY more time promised for photos (the more time the better), and your wedding party wont have to wait around after the ceremony for family photos to be done before they can enjoy cocktail hour (they earned cocktail hour, y’all, they earned it, let them have it), and the couple will have more time to either enjoy cocktail hour or to rest / recoup before the reception. Yes, I said rest  on your wedding day. It’s not a myth. It’s possible. And the first look helps it happen.
  1. The photos. Okay this is a pretty obvious one but still. The first look photos are so lovely! You’re only dressed up like this once, make up and hair ready, fabulous photographer at your side (oh hey guys!), and a handsome man or gorgeous lady on your arm. This is your day. For most of us that aren’t celebrities, our wedding day is one of the biggest most glamorous days of our lives. And if there is an opportunity for more photos and for unique photos on this day, I say, TAKE IT.


Now, I might be biased because.. well I’m a photographer… but still, believe me when I say you will not regret your first look. It is special, sweet, and totally unique. It gives you extra time for photos, extra time for rest, and extra fun for everyone during cocktail hour. And let’s not forget, it looks like this:

Okay and one more!

For all these reasons,  I say the first look is my favorite look.