Sweet Flours Bakery | Wedding Cake Design


First things first, Sweet Flours Bakery is amazing. Lauren, who runs the bakery, designed our wedding cake and dessert spread and they were the hit of our wedding. I had kiddos coming up to me all night saying, "thank you for all the cake and donuts!" -- it was the sweetest thing. 

Lauren recently came over and we took some amazing product and behind the scenes photos. She brought over some new things she's been working on - cake popsicles (!!!), marbled and metallic gold decor of cookies (and she did this style on our wedding donuts and cake too, it's amazing), and gorgeous floral edible cake prints. I love how autumn feeling this shoot ended up being, from the florals to the jewel tone color palette. It makes me want to go to the pumpkin patch and watch Hocus Pocus like, right this second. 

Shannon SmithComment