Styled Shoot || Cypress Groves Estate

Y'all I have been so slow on blogging this styled shoot I participated in. I've wanted to start learning more about medium format film, so last year I joined the Bel Amour workshop, at the always stunning Cypress Groves Estate, to get some hands on practice with a Contax. It was so fun to collaborate with other wedding photogs and to learn about medium format film in a low-pressure environment.

While learning a new format of film is pretty challenging and really a lot of fun, the main exciting part to me was tackling the challenge of trying to get a digital frame to look similar to a film frame. That is honestly my favorite part of digital photography and the reason I still primarily use it over film. Because my training and background is in film & darkroom development, I enjoy the digital editing process of bringing a crisp clean digital frame into a more film-like presentation. So all that to say, I had a lot of fun looking at the difference in these digital vs film files. There are a few in this blog post where the digital is actually my preference, and yet there are others where nothing can hold a flame to the glory that is a medium format frame in natural lighting.

Anyway, if any of my brides want to incorporate film into their wedding packages with me (still keeping digital as a primary source) shoot me an email - we can make this happen!