Stefanie & Tyler: Engaged!

Here in Florida, we've had a few really warm days lately and I cannot accurately express just how much I am anticipating the warmer weather. I am so excited for summertime. My favorite part of summer is how warm the nights are. After the sun has gone down, you can take a cold glass of water outside and it will still sweat beads of condensation while the crickets sing and the fireflies dance and there isn't even a hope of a breeze, just you, the orchestra of dancing singing insects, a cold drink, and a giant blanket of stars. Yes to summertime. I cannot wait. I am definitely living in the right state. I'm excited to share this engagement session because it feels so summery and fun! While editing the photos I got so swept up daydreaming about the summertime. Stefanie and Tyler wanted to spend some of their session on this cute nearby dock, it was a little bit overcast and slightly windy but I think the resulting images are magic. Take a look!