Selah's Birth

Today, it's my honor to share the the glory filled birth story of Selah Jackson. This was such a sweet experience. Rose had worship music playing in the background, low soft string lights hanging on the wall, blankets off to the side. It was just such an inviting atmosphere, such a unique and meaningful way to be brought into the world. When the contractions got difficult, there was no screaming or cursing or any of the things you expect. Instead, Rose would whisper "Jesus" over and over, just a sweet simple prayer. There is power in that name. I always thought that childbirth was about the woman - all the things that happen to her body, all the strength she needs to push, etc. It had always seemed like the husband was an afterthought. Like he would just stand to the side and watch, uninvolved, as the process unfolds. But I learned something so beautiful through Selah's birth. The man is SO vital to this process. Whenever Rose was hurting, Blake held her. He carried her weight. He brushed her hair off her forehead. He kissed her cheek. He whispered to her, "You are strong, you can do this, you are doing this." If he had not been there, I just can't even imagine. Just as two people create a baby, two people bring a baby into this world. Selah's birth was a beautiful example of team work and companionship. It was just absolutely breathtaking to watch them work together to birth Selah.

God did not just bring a new little girl into the world, but He redeemed, confirmed, restored, and strengthened a family through her new life. She is a living symbol of His faithfulness and of the hope we have in Jesus. Her birth was worship. The process of bringing her into this world was an act of deep sacred loving worship to our Lord. For me, it was a reminder that nothing is every too lost to be saved. Nothing is outside of the realm of possibility if we will just give our hearts to Jesus. Nothing.

Jesus is so powerful and so loving and so good. On that quiet night in the wee hours of the morning nothing felt more true to me than that fact. The room was literally FULL of God's grace and mercy. Every heart was touched. When Selah was born, something true was born in every heart in the room. I realized that when God brings life (both literal and spiritual life) He brings it in BIG ways that can't help but to touch, mark, and radically change others.

This last shot above I actually took to test the light in the room, but I kept it because I just absolutely love the raw emotion of it. It was a long emotional process to birth sweet Selah, and I love this tired happy momma and daddy in the quiet calm after the intensity subsided. So so sweet.

Jackson family - I am SO stinkin thrilled for you four. It has been an honor to journey with you and I am praying God's blessing and continued favor and strength over you. LOVE you guys.