Morning Reflections: Faith

We find it easiest to trust God in areas we’ve seen Him work in before. We find it easier to trust God when we remember, “He helped me through this thing the last time and the time before that and He’s always proven faithful with this area of my life”. We find it easier to trust in God when we trust in our history, our testimony, our evidence of His faithfulness.

But sometimes we’ll be asked to trust in God without evidence, without testimony, without history. Sometimes there will be nothing else to place your trust in, but God and God alone. Sometimes, when we’re asked to walk on water and we’ve never seen that done before and we have no evidence to believe that it’s possible or that God is faithful on top of the waves, we will have to trust God simply because He is God, and for no other reason.

On that day, when it's just you, God, and the waves, will you walk?

Lord, make me into a woman who walks on water for you.