Mary & Wendell | Engaged in Nashville

Now that I'm married (!!!!!) and back from the honeymoon (!!!!!) let me tell you about one of the other most exciting engagements & weddings in 2017: Mary & Wendell! 

I met Mary in Nashville almost a year ago, and at the time I was heartbroken and my life was in a process of a lot of upheaval/change. God put it on Mary's heart to reach out to me and pour into me a bit. She treated me to coffee and listened to me as I processed some hard stuff and she spoke so much life and encouragement into me that day. Since then, Mary has held a special place in my heart. 

Then one day, Mary met Wendell. And basically since then, they knew they were gonna get married. I 100% understand this.

On the day that I ended up getting engaged, that morning Mary and I just happened to be texting and talking about these men God had brought into our lives, talking about how comfortable we felt with short engagements and with 'pulling the trigger' and getting married to these sweethearts. Later that day, Mark was down on one knee! And only a few weeks later, Wendell was down on one knee in front of Mary! 

So when I came to Nashville to shoot their engagement session, Mary and I looked at each other and just marveled at what God has done. To God, there is no short or long timeframe, there is no hurry and there is no delay. He only operates at the Right Time, for each of us, and he can make anything happen in any amount of time He sees fit. And I think Mary & I have both experienced that reality in profound ways this year. 

So when Wendell makes Mary his wife in just a few short weeks, I am going to cry buckets of tears and I will also be there photographing it with my husband alongside me. Because God is good and crazy and magnificent and God never stops surprising us with His love, never stops showing off what He can and will do for His kids. When I spend time with Mary & Wendell, I am reminded of God's unbelievable goodness and absolutely mind-bogglingly right timing.

Praise. God.