Life Beautiful Magazine!

Friends! I'm super honored to be featured in the summer issue of Life Beautiful Magazine! For once in my career, I have been published in print not for wedding photography, but for being a woman willing to live her faith out loud and being willing to share my journey, including and especially the hard stuff, with the V&L online community. When Lauren, an editor at LB magazine, sought me out after finding my Instagram feed, I was so encouraged! I never know what people think of my musings and wrestlings of faith and life and all the in-between things that captivate my mind, but there's one thing the Lord has repeated over me again and again: You were born to share. (Which is probably a hilarious concept to my mom, Hi Momma, me being an only child and all...) But I was. I was born with the gift of being able to share what I see and feel in a way that reaches others. That's the main thing I'm doing here in this life. Sharing. Highlighting beauty. Connecting with the brokenhearted. These are my passions and gifts and gosh, it was really really cool to be noticed for that!

I realized, in this process, that I haven't shared as much faith-wrestlings on the V&L Blog as I have on the V&L instagram. So, I will be slowly adding some previous posts here as well to share with you guys.

If you want to catch up on some of what I've been putting out there into the blogosphere, check the Instagram Hashtag: #ThoughtsonWandering - where you will find all my .. well.. thoughts on wandering. : )