Kristin & Justin | Engaged at Home Session


there is nothing like seeing your lifelong friend feel safe.

it took me the longest time to edit this engagement session because every few photos i had to stop, and remember the moments in the past where i’ve wiped tears from her eyes as she lets go of bad love and dares to believe for something more. i’m talking from middle school awkward hand holding all the way to that first crazy young love you think will kill you if it doesn’t work out — i’ve been there for all of hers, been a part of the family that picks up her pieces when it’s all too hard. and this whole time, for me she has been a source of safety and acceptance unlike any other, she’s picked up my pieces just as many times. in some ways, we taught each other how to hope.

and now to see her feeling safe, being held so close and so tenderly by this man who will soon vow to put her life above his. well, i don’t have words.

Kris, it was a long time coming. you deserve the way he’s holding you. you deserve that safe cozy smile on your face. Justin, thank you for loving our girl so well & for holding her so close.

below, a few highlights from their at home session.