Jared & Bryn | Married

Jared and Bryn were married this March at the always beautiful Cross Creek Ranch. It was such an honor to be around this couple and their families and to play a role in their special day.

Something Jared said in his vows to Bryn melted my heart and has stuck with me ever since. Jared said to her, "I am marrying you today, but I made the choice to love you and to commit to you and to fight for you a long time ago, at the beginning of us."  I loved this concept of choosing in with her from the very beginning. Their wedding day was no surprise, it was worked towards, hard fought through long distances and other straining circumstances for them. I am so humbled by love like that and so excited to see what fruit that love will yield in a lifetime of marriage together. Cheers to you both, Bryn and Jared!