Haiti: One Year Later

It's been an entire year since I went to Haiti! In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday, but more so, it feels like a lifetime ago. SO much has changed since then. Man, but what I wouldn't give to step back into the spiritual place I was when I was walking around the Mission of Hope campus last year. God was so near. SO close. I came home from that trip radiating, physically glowing from my time with the Lord. What I wouldn't give to step into a season like that one again! But alas, it's the valleys that make the mountain tops so much sweeter. And God is good in any season. Still, my heart aches for more of what happened in Haiti. More life. More Jesus. More love.

Yes, Haiti (and the sweet joyful hearts that live there) was so so so so good for my soul. I found God in the smiles of the children, their laughter and the way they sang and danced. I loved the purpose and passion of the individuals I met at MOH - people who willingly give of their lives, their comfort, their time, their money and their bodies to a cause bigger than themselves. So much of what I found in Haiti is what I believe makes up the Kingdom of Heaven: Hope. Joy. Service. Love. Faith. Dancing. Singing.

I left Haiti thinking, "God, I want more of whatever that was." And that is still my prayer today.