Fun Facts!

Happy Wednesday y'all! Lately I've been making an effort to start putting more of my personal stuff out here on the blog, to let you guys get to know me better and such (it's hard to be vulnerable!)... So anyway I thought I'd just give you some fun random facts about little ol' me.

Random Fun Facts:

I'm really good at french braiding. Really really good.

Things I'm kind of (extremely) obsessed with: Friday Night Lights, La Croix water, Harry Potter, Pinterest, Sour punch straws, Mix cds, Cat pictures, Cat t-shirts, Cat youtube videos... You get the idea...

I recently started learning guitar. Which is not to be confused with me being good at guitar (because I'm not... at all). But I like it. And I like learning and challenging myself. And all my sweet friends believe in me so much that they went ahead and bought me my own guitar. Can you believe that? I am blessed with the most supportive, loving and thoughtful people to live life with.

My current favorite author is Brennan Manning. I love everything I've ever read from the man.

I love poetry. I write it sometimes but I also love to read it. My favorite poet is one of my dearest friends.

I talk a lot. Sometimes I call it "verbal processing" but normally it's just that I will talk until someone interjects... I'm not too comfortable with silence.

I love babies. I sometimes joke about "baby therapy" .. which is basically when I get to hold babies and then their squishy sweet drooly faces remind me that all my problems are really very small and manageable and that everything is going to be okay.

I love surprises. And my birthday. And the number 24.

I'm an only child. My parents are the bomb.

I drink my morning coffee out of christmas mugs.

I'm not a morning person, or night person. Or an afternoon person.

I get an unnatural amount of comfort from throw pillows and blankets. When I'm stressed, I buy a pillow or blanket (depending, of course, on the degree of distress). And then I'm happy. It's weird, and probably not healthy, and now my house is full of pillows. : )

I can't sing on key, I might be tone deaf, and I have absolutely zero natural musical talent. But none of that seems to stop me from singing my heart out when the weather is perfect, the windows are down, and I'm driving fast. If I start to hear my own singing, I just turn the music louder.

Oh and in the interest of full disclosure, I just need to be real with you guys about how dorky I am. I feel like these photos say it all.


There you have it! And if you guys want to leave some random fun facts about yourselves in the comments section or on the V&L facebook, that'd be sweet! I want to learn about you!