Fine Art Wedding Albums

Hi y'all! Just wanted to take a minute today and introduce you to the new Vine & Light wedding albums! I'm working with the lovely and so talented Sarah of Sarah Hearts Wedding Design to bring my clients the best quality albums possible. I am so so so proud to put my name on these new albums. Take a look!

The best thing about these albums is that they are so customizable. Color, material, page layout, cover photo, etc. All of these features can be designed around a client's vision to ensure that the final product is a great reflection of the client and their wedding day. Also, see below at the virtually non existent gutter! Weee!

 I love albums because they offer a couple something tangible to do with their photos from the big day. It's one thing to receive dvds and order some prints, but you can never capture the whole story that way. The album, I've found, is the perfect way to wrap up your wedding story and retell  it with ease whenever you'd like. In many ways it becomes the finishing touch in the wedding process. And I just love the way the images, when presented in such an artful and stylized manner, speak so powerfully and recall so much emotion for the viewer. Albums are the way to go in my book! (Get it.. book... albums...) Okay I'll stop. Love y'all!