Dream Map!

Oh y'all! God is moving in my life. Lately I've been feeling really empowered to simply ask and pray for the things on my heart, trusting that He knows what's best and He delights in a daughter who knows Her Father will give good gifts. At first I prayed to the Lord, "God, I just don't feel right asking you for things. It seems the further I go in my walk with you, the more and more I ask of you. It just doesn't seem right." To which, the Lord sweetly reminded me, "That is as it should be. You will only ever recognize your need for me more. You will only ever need more of me. Keep asking, child."

Ah! Right. So I thought, gosh that makes sense, Lord. You are the one who accomplishes everything in my life. When I love someone deeply, it is You at work. When I take a brilliant photograph, it is You at work. Whatever is lovely, whatever is good, God, there You are.

So today, I decided to ask big and pray my dreams into reality. I made a dream map wherein I put my biggest loftiest dreams to paper. I used inspiring photographs I found on Pinterest (read: none of these are mine) to breathe fresh air and life into these hopes and dreams and goals. Some of them are specific, like "Shoot a Cover" (yes please!), and some are more vague like, "Experience freedom". All of them are mine. My hopes and goals and the steps towards a future I want to have. And I used golden twine to weave in and through all of the pictures to symbolize how God is the common denominator in all my stories, in all my accomplishments, in all my future days.  And also to symbolize how life isn't linear, you don't accomplish one thing and then move on to the next like climbing a ladder. Life is a web, a maze, with twists and turns and we should enjoy each step as we take them. Life is fluid so be here, now.

I believe visualizing, praying, and reminding yourself of these goals are all healthy and beautiful and powerful things. So let's see what happens. If nothing else, I have pretty wall art! (See more pics of my office here)

Some dreams to highlight:

-Shoot a cover! Yes yes yes. I want to get way more involved in bridal editorial work. I've found I have SO much fun working these types of shoots.

-Travel! Okay, I love traveling you guys. More more more. So far I've been to: India, Haiti, Puerto Rico, London, Ireland, Italy and inside the US: Pittsburgh, NYC, Missouri, Texas, Lousiana, Chicago, Florida (duh), and probably other places I'm forgetting. Places I hope to travel to: Thailand! Paris! South America somewhere! Washington State! Prague! South Africa! And so many more! You can tell by all the exclamation marks that this really fires me up!

-Make a little one. As I've gotten older I've realized nothing in life could be more fulfilling than letting the love between two people physically multiply and create a human being. That is magical and sacred and deeply deeply beautiful. I want that. I want to love that child and keep them safe and teach them about people and beauty and the Lord. Yes please.

So that's me, you guys. It is actually sort of vulnerable to put your dreams out on the internet. But I also feel really empowered and exhilarated by it! What are your dreams? Do you have one dream that feels TOO big? I encourage you to run hard towards that one. If it feels too big, I've found it's because Someone big put it there. Feel free to share any of those dreams in the comments section! I would love to join you in prayer over those dreams. Or make a dream map of your own!