Pensacola Beach Wedding

So earlier this year, one of my dearest friends married his dream girl! It was a truly epic occasion - a small family-only seaside event in Pensacola, full of epic fog and perfect light. We started the day with a ceremony set up right on the beach, with a reception to follow at a beautiful restaurant in town. Danielle and her friends dreamed up and pulled together all the gorgeous details. The day was intimate and personal and very family-filled. I was absolutely beside myself to be able to rejoice with them on their day. I can't even fully express how happy I am for these two! It's been such a beautiful journey of knowing Sonny & Danielle and seeing them grow together and now, to witness their vows to become husband and wife. I am so excited for all that God has in store for my dear friends as the take on the adventure of marriage together. Come take a look at their beautiful day.

Danielle personally wrote haikus on the back of everyone's name cards at their table. Here's mine (pictured below):

"Spreads love with her charm,

Joy abounds within her sight,

Her footprint lives on"  

This made me smile so big when I read it and I've often remembered and been encouraged by her words since that day. I loved this thoughtful and personal touch.

And the dancing ensued 'till far into the early morning. Such fun!