Chicago Travels

I recently got hired to shoot a fantastic wedding in Chicago! I was fortunate enough to be able to bring along a dear friend to assist me for the wedding day, which lead to a few extra days spent having good times together while exploring this fantastic city. We made so many new memories, ate WAY too much delicious food and laughed the most laughs possible in a 72 hour period. I am so grateful for dream clients, traveling gigs, and dear deep friendships that make the journeys worthwhile. The Lord is so good to me and He gives me such good gifts, including and especially rewarding relationships!

We spent one day shopping and eating and wandering, and at one point we turned the corner and suddenly we were at the beach! In the middle of the city! We could barely believe it, us Florida girls have zero understanding of beaches amongst skyscrapers. So what do two photographers do in such a situation? Well, impromptu photoshoot, duh! People probably thought we were crazy but we enjoyed the heck out of those few minutes capturing each other before the sun went down that busy afternoon. Here are some shots I grabbed of Jesse from that time.

These snaps of me are from Jesse, find her at Dreamtown! She's a DREAM of a photographer. Get it? Get it?

and below are some fun iPhone snaps from my time in Chitown. You can also follow these adventures and sneak peeks on the vineandlight instagram page!