brand new

"So who do you want to be, now?I know you want to be you - that You're searching for you, and you can't stand the chains of these people who Won't let you be yourself...

But who do you want to be? Or who is it that you are, that has not yet been?"

Oh friends, this season of my life has been so odd, so different but so good in the change as well. Life lately is full of transition, so many ends and beginnings. For the first time in forever I feel like I'm actually moving forward, instead of going in circles. And moving forward looks a lot more like becoming. Who is it that you are that has not yet been? This question is burning on my heart.

So the Lord and I are going to Boston for a week to ponder these things together, to write more, to read more, to be open more. To explore, to be lost, to be found. I am grateful for friends who open their homes and their hearts to me, for a God who knows that getting out of town is sometimes the best spiritual medicine for my wandering heart, and for the space and the freedom to discover and to be whoever, whatever, however I truly I am. This season of growth is not confined to my time in Boston, but I would surely appreciate your prayers over that specific time and this general season of seeking.

The other day the Lord whispered to me, "You know, it's never too late to be brand new..."  and with that word came the platform for everything I'm walking towards these days. Brand new, learning to be the pieces of myself that have not yet been. Amen!

The poetry quoted above was written by a good friend of mine, check his stuff out!  Also, I won't be posting on the blog while I'm gone but keep up to date with previews and Boston fun via Vine and Light Instagram or Facebook!