Annika & Nick

Oh friends. It is with such joy that I share Nick & Annika's wedding with you today. These two truly embody a Vine and Light couple. They took time to truly celebrate and enjoy their day, and took great care to love on each of their guests and friends and family. My favorite thing about their wedding was the way Nick and Annika looked at their wedding day as a unique opportunity to serve others. A lot of brides and grooms look at weddings as a party in their honor, but Annika and Nick threw a party to honor their friends and family. For example, Annika gave hand written heartfelt letters and personalized hankies to each of her bridesmaids that made them all cry. They even gave me and my assistant personalized gifts! And they used hydrangeas as their center piece flowers because they were her grandmother's favorites. In so many little ways, they sought to honor and serve and be generous with the people God has put into their lives to love. I think because they had an others-focused perspective for their wedding day wherein they sought to serve outwardly rather than expected to be served, they were freed up to enjoy and celebrate. There was very little disappointment because there was very little expectation other than to have fun and dance and enjoy their family. I'm just really proud to work with people with such good hearts and kind spirits. We were truly blessed just to be there on their day and witness the way this couple loves their community! Okay enough gushing, come look at how beautiful their day was!


So... I seriously love this first look series. Sometimes the first look can be a little bit staged, but this one was just natural and sweet. It was two best friends saying hello for the first time on their wedding day, and there were tears and there was laughter and a lot of kissing. Sounds perfect, yeah?

One of Annika's favorite details of their day were the origami cranes.  From Annika, "Since our first date, Nick has always had a thing for making me little origami hearts and cranes, one valentines day he even plotted to have my roommate take me out to lunch so he could break into my room and cover it in origami! So our origami altar was definitely a favorite!" How sweet is Nick? He definitely knows how to swoon a lady.

These two first met in photography school, so they added vintage cameras to each table center piece. They also had vintage post cards from various Florida cities they've visited, as well as some of their favorite books, and hydrangeas in honor of Annika's grandmother. How sweet are these personalized decorations?

Annika and Nick! Where to start. I think you guys are the best. I'm super honored and proud to know you guys and to have been your wedding photographer! I'm praying the Lord would bless your journey together and return to you double what you've poured out over your friends and family.