Alex & Frank At Home

You know what's profound about love? How simple it really is. We, in our humanity, tend to complicate an incredibly simple concept. Things to remember when it all feels a little muddy: We love each other, we're for each other, we enjoy each other, we desire each other, and we're learning. We're all learning how to love, all the time, forever and ever until we die. We do not, can not, graduate from the lessons of love. If you feel like you don't have it figured out just yet, don't worry: you're in good company (with the rest of the world). We're all learning, welcome to the classroom, take a seat and get comfy. First lesson: be gracious with yourself & your loved ones, we're all figuring it out as we go.

These photos of my sweet Alex & her man Frank - they remind me of the simplicity of love. Just to sit and be near the one you love, it is such a gift. Even in the midst of our pain or our still-unfolding stories, even when we're afraid of losing, just to choose to sit on a simple white couch and hold the other person - Goodness, it's worth it. Simply, worth it.

Sweet Aley & Frank, I bless you both today into the simplicity of love. Whatever that means, however it looks, just the honest truth of God's goodness and your heart's desire for the other. Love you, my friends.

Shannon Smith1 Comment