2013 so far - travel & adventure!

Phew. I have been traveling a lot lately. Let's recap! Okay so technically I have only been on two trips in the past 3 weeks, but that feels like A LOT to me. First, I went with my dear friend Jess to Austin, Texas for a friendacation! It was a blast. The food in Austin is phenomenal. Everything we ate was seriously delicious. While there, I attended the Branches & Light workshop which was such a sweet blessing - a day filled with inspiring women, creativity, and hope. I loved it! Overall, my time in Austin was really clarifying for me. The Lord used the new city, an old dear friend, and a ton of southern charm to reveal to me a lot of things about this current season of my life. It was everything I was needing.

Then, last week, my friend and I went to visit my favorite sister friend Adrienne and her two babies in Pittsburgh! You guys.. it was COLD. Like, 2 degrees cold. I went sledding for the first time!, ice skating, market shopping, cricket eating (don't ask), and baby wielding. T'was awesome. I loved seeing Adrienne- I miss her all the time and it is so encouraging the way her and I can pick right back up where we left off.

Here are some instagrams of my time in these two cities with all these sweet friends!

And here are some of my photos from the creative shoot at the Branches & Light workshop. : )

So there ya have it! That's what I've been up to these first 2 months of 2013. So far, I have to say, this year has been awesome. Can't wait for what's next. Oh and as if all this travel and sweet friend time wasn't enough, the Lord has been so faithful to provide for my 2013 weddings and I am happy to say that I am practically 100% booked for this year! Yay! God is seriously so great, you guys. SO great.