here's my theory: Weddings don't have to be so complicated


Step 1: Get engaged

If you're exploring this website then you've probably already gotten to Step 1, and for that, congratulations! Engagement is an epic season of beginning to dream and plan for a future together (and a wedding day to kick the whole thing off right) - in the inevitable chaos of wedding planning, I hope you'll take a few moments to pause, hold your person, let all the gratitude sink down to your bones, and breathe deep before unpausing.

Step 2: Get Married (duh)

Ah, the wedding day - there is nothing quite like it. Promises being made, families joining together, all your friends dressed to the nines, that one uncle with the crazy dance moves, oh and lots and lots AND LOTS of cake... Yeah. It's pretty epic. You're gonna want someone to document all of that so that in ten, twenty, thirty years you can revisit the outdated dance moves & the timeless promises. 

Step 3: party

This step is pretty straightforward, just take time every day to have mini dance parties and celebrate the beauty of living life alongside your favorite human. Also, at this point there will be epic photos to decorate your house with - boom! Double win.

Let's try to make this wedding-thing as fun as possible, yeah?