here's my secret: i am crazy obsessed with love


Love is so important, you guys. It is the end all - be all of what makes life worth living. I know I sound like a crazy person and hey - that's alright. I just get really, really amped about love. And I get even more excited when two people decide they want to choose into loving each other forever. Because my favorite thing about love is that it's a continual choice. That's what makes it so powerful. As a photographer, my theory is this: you have already done most of the hard work for me. In the days and months and years that you've been together, you've learned to love each other. You've learned to choose each other. You've learned to enjoy each other and to feel safe in each other's arms. That makes my job so simple: just observe. My job is just to take a moment and notice all the self-chosen magic between you and your person, and to use my camera to share that with the world. And here's something crazy about love: when we share it, it multiplies. Maybe your love could encourage someone else, maybe the way I captured your sweet hand on his neck or the way your face lights up when she wraps her arms around you - maybe that capture will mean something to a stranger, or to your grandkids one day, who knows. This business of love is crazy and wild and beautiful and fun. If nothing else, I sure hope I can bring some meaning and joy back into the otherwise sometimes tedious work of wedding planning!

Let's try to make this wedding-thing as fun as possible, yeah?